A Short Verse on Media Software

The blackest of blues and darkest of moons

The sun up above and ground under shoes

A lens caught a flare, a fire arose

An idea of sorts, in free verse or prose

Captured its essence of freedom in bloom

We started to gather how quick it resumed

A dash of internal and external fumes

And destined perceptions are long overdue

But then came a time when he lifted his toes

Perplexed by the notions of free verse and prose

To write unrequited on things such as those

And tackle the issues presented to boast

A thought can occur, a film it can capture

The weary of faces, and cause fot disaster

The beauty in nature, and struggle for man

The celebratory factors that question what can

Journals to keep, memoirs to glow

Thoughts can occur in the mind to and fro