Levitation and Memoirs


Nothing can take the place of a sad song

Or the wind beneath my feet

As I levitate above

Looking for a reason to believe

But losing out on things

Such as this: happiness

Coexist; can’t exist

With my sins…

I am this: hollowed out

Flickered bliss

Sparks are dust

Misplaced trust

In the hands

Of a gambler

Oh how sad…

Sparks are ashes

Waves come crash

Crashing down

Upon your house of carps

Engine’s cold

Gas tank’s full

Nowhere left

Left to go…

Left behind

Left me so

Stuck in constants

Ashes grow

Trembled hands

Painted face

Take away the “ted”

And left with pain…

There she cries

A tear of sorrow

Ponds, to lakes, and rivers to morrow

Flooded from the frowning façade

A splendid sincere sadden macabre


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