Oh, the snow

You fall with ease

And curse the world

While we’re knee deep

Boots, so loose

Our rugged toes

Are trotting along

So frozen and cold

The warm aroma

Of stale beans

Dark, no room

For sugar or cream

The taste, it burnt

My bitter tongue

And inhaled smoke

To fill my lungs

Washed it out

With failed dreams


Battered seams

Dropped the charm

Untied the noose

I feel no warmth

From gloves and toques

Sipping still

In an empty room

A lovely couple

A bride and groom

His smile gleamed

Her heart would shudder

He was the toast to her melted butter

Through cherishing their days together

To be so calm in the harshest weather

Never once blamed old Jack Frost

Even when all hope was lost


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