I Wish Parts 1 to 5


I wish

I wish time would stall

That the leaves would not change

That we could have it all

That the world would move slowly

And the waves would crash calm

To beat the sun bright and early

And the night before dawn

I wish that nostalgia

Wouldn’t ease all the aches

Of feeling old and tired

Now the surface holds the stain

That if one day we’d stop hoping

For a day where we could be

Sitting on the grass back on the roots

Under the trees

That the seashell was a telephone

And ocean waves I’d call

To remember what it’s like to be

Buried beneath it all

If the winter logs kept burning

And old Saint Nick remained

I wouldn’t have to wish

That I could live it all again

And days that never ended

Even when the sun would rest

I remember being happier

Underneath my sheets in bed

And now all I can think of

Is a drink to pass the time

A cigarette to fuel my need to find a reason why

And waiting at a bus stop

Used to be a cherished thing

And now all I can think of is

Why aren’t you hurrying?

I wish I had a reason

To think up more than this

That we could all be young again

And never have to miss

A day where we weren’t selfish

But in selfless, fulfilled bliss

And though the clock is ticking

And the watchmakers must go

I won’t forget the time

When only he could tell me so

That everything had purpose

And an itching to discover

Without the fuel beside my bed

To help me now recover

I want to know that in some way

Someday, things won’t pass by

And tell me please, to bring me ease

I know I’ll never die


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