Rusty Bones

On these feet I carry rust like tracks along a train yard in autumn bloom

As the rain pours down, these empty vessels consume my need for sleep

All the vagrants and the tramps are stowaways on a parade for the bravest meals

Barreling towards the unknown, all those souls get swept away alongside my carriage view

Flask in hand, change in pants, hat on head, workers man, can’t stand the necessities

Luggage stashed beneath the seat, small talk passes between me, my ears and window panes

Powerless and out of time, coal breathes flames and guiltless pints begin to swill my head

Hunger strikes the hour hand, she leans in and we begin to court untimely

Weakened by the fear and doubt, subtle notes are coursing through her lungs as she breathes out

And on the sill I placed my drink, while she adjusts her new confident mentality

Cigarettes and emptiness, passing glances, raindrops racing downward glass and see

My reflection skewed and stretched, under tunnels she pursues and still… yet I digress

Dotting I’s and crossing T’s, swell goodbyes and warm regards for those in time of need

For a while I find myself on a train heading to nowhere and that’s fine with me




If we are not enemies

Then we must be lovers

Who shelter and cherish and care for each other


And under bad weather we’re better together

Not fretting on letters and poor misspelled grammar


We are the bridges that connect the few

When lost souls get swept up in knots tied too loose

Where currents get vicious and bodies are bruised

We’ll stand tried and true as the monuments destined to rule


I asked you a question there was no response

But expressions on your face had misplaced all trust


When the leaves start to fall and all the world tumbles slow

I will search through the wreckage to find you a home


It’s all I need to be the monument that holds you up


We are the bridges that connect the few

When lost souls get swept up in knots tied too loose

Where currents get vicious and bodies are bruised

We’ll stand tried and true as the monuments destined to rule


If we are not lovers

Then we must be friends

And by that time I hope that these words never end

Untitled Passive Blow

Still I remember

How we used to walk around in those forests

When the present was still…

When young memories die off

What is left?

What is there to feel?

But when we were young

We would lie in the stars

And watch the grass be swept away by the wind

By your eyes, I was

Holding on to what I couldn’t hold on to

Still clasping empty fists of sand

That sinking feeling that stays inside

This hollowed out, shattered past

Rose coloured glasses

Passive glances

No more stances

Fast romances

Sun will gleam until I find the need to be the greed that seeds dreams

O Blossoming King

Untie the knot, then the cord and the hooks in the phone

Just like you, cynical, umbilical cords that you pulled

Break out the outbreak; conceal your vaccine from the earth

Disasters as plastered as drinking the nights, says your curse

 For hate turns to whom such as this that is born from within

 Shake down the mountains, the avalanche soon you’d create

And tear out your hair (built a ruin then watched it all fall)

Downward we spin to colossal nightmares we’ve exhumed

And haunting: not monsters, nor demons, unlike those we’ve sinned

 For hate turns to whom such as this that is born from within

 Unlikely proposals, disposable, just like the moon

Sitting in stalls, still appalled that we took the night’s reign

And king for a crown, for a queen, for the grace of his hand

Nightly, we’re pressed on the pillows of skulls, rested head

 For love turns to stone like the grasp you withheld from your kin

Untitled [Showstopper]

I’ve been keeping friends in all the wrong places, again

Making amends only to become wasted within

Will you hang me high just to feel the weight collapsing?

Jumping through hoops then paraded and aided only to feel it buckle

Hold me close to hear me breathe in, out, heart, stops

The ears hear them steer and I know that they’re coming for me

To drape me in chains and amazed that they displayed my corpse, on a stage

A prize not worth fighting for fighting was what fueled the flame

And shivering aisles kept me colder than air turned to wind

Hold me close to hear me breathe in, out, heart, stops

The eyes called your lies out in front of the troops in the line

Pulled out and drawn then they aimed just to shoot me back down

So see me tonight on the mend on the fence in your yard

And see me tonight make a fool ‘cause I tried way too hard

Hold me close to hear me breathe in, out, heart, stops

I Wish Parts 1 to 5


I wish

I wish time would stall

That the leaves would not change

That we could have it all

That the world would move slowly

And the waves would crash calm

To beat the sun bright and early

And the night before dawn

I wish that nostalgia

Wouldn’t ease all the aches

Of feeling old and tired

Now the surface holds the stain

That if one day we’d stop hoping

For a day where we could be

Sitting on the grass back on the roots

Under the trees

That the seashell was a telephone

And ocean waves I’d call

To remember what it’s like to be

Buried beneath it all

If the winter logs kept burning

And old Saint Nick remained

I wouldn’t have to wish

That I could live it all again

And days that never ended

Even when the sun would rest

I remember being happier

Underneath my sheets in bed

And now all I can think of

Is a drink to pass the time

A cigarette to fuel my need to find a reason why

And waiting at a bus stop

Used to be a cherished thing

And now all I can think of is

Why aren’t you hurrying?

I wish I had a reason

To think up more than this

That we could all be young again

And never have to miss

A day where we weren’t selfish

But in selfless, fulfilled bliss

And though the clock is ticking

And the watchmakers must go

I won’t forget the time

When only he could tell me so

That everything had purpose

And an itching to discover

Without the fuel beside my bed

To help me now recover

I want to know that in some way

Someday, things won’t pass by

And tell me please, to bring me ease

I know I’ll never die


Oh, the snow

You fall with ease

And curse the world

While we’re knee deep

Boots, so loose

Our rugged toes

Are trotting along

So frozen and cold

The warm aroma

Of stale beans

Dark, no room

For sugar or cream

The taste, it burnt

My bitter tongue

And inhaled smoke

To fill my lungs

Washed it out

With failed dreams


Battered seams

Dropped the charm

Untied the noose

I feel no warmth

From gloves and toques

Sipping still

In an empty room

A lovely couple

A bride and groom

His smile gleamed

Her heart would shudder

He was the toast to her melted butter

Through cherishing their days together

To be so calm in the harshest weather

Never once blamed old Jack Frost

Even when all hope was lost



You never realize

How ugly things seem

Until you wipe the moment

From your eyes

To see your dreams

Shatter all around you

And break upon the seams

The moment that it impacts

You gather what it means

To see the things you lack

Are stacked upon your rugged feet

Weighed down by the feeling

Of feeling numb within

And pause for no concern

I figured I’d begin again

But learning from mistakes

I may have taken this apart

My empty, shallow, hollowed out, cold and barren heart

I ran it through the wash too many times to get it clean

But all the imperfections still resemble you and me

And never have I thought that in an instant I would be

Writing about all the things I thought were truly free

Untitled Lost Girl

The snowfall was quiet

Quiet, like a breeze

That curses to the moonlight

And knows not what it sees

But high above the moonlight

The chords then struck a nerve

She fell upon a mountain

An undying, sudden curse

Carried by the stream

And pockets filled with sin

The mountain wind had quivered

Her skin was growing thick

She gazed the world around her

Mysterious and reposed

A lust-less lost love lying

In the banks beneath her toes

She fell toward her knees

But no tears evoked her past

And the memories she remembered

Were like morsels in a flask

One by one, and slowly emptied

The pitiful, last remains

Were gobbled up just like the final choices she had made…

And hope began to swell her

In death, she would refrain

For no acceptance she’d give in to

Like a breath, she’d choke again

From the speechless, senseless satire

Or the morbid, macabre mess

Her lover died beneath the snow

And it became his last best dressed.

Levitation and Memoirs


Nothing can take the place of a sad song

Or the wind beneath my feet

As I levitate above

Looking for a reason to believe

But losing out on things

Such as this: happiness

Coexist; can’t exist

With my sins…

I am this: hollowed out

Flickered bliss

Sparks are dust

Misplaced trust

In the hands

Of a gambler

Oh how sad…

Sparks are ashes

Waves come crash

Crashing down

Upon your house of carps

Engine’s cold

Gas tank’s full

Nowhere left

Left to go…

Left behind

Left me so

Stuck in constants

Ashes grow

Trembled hands

Painted face

Take away the “ted”

And left with pain…

There she cries

A tear of sorrow

Ponds, to lakes, and rivers to morrow

Flooded from the frowning façade

A splendid sincere sadden macabre


Transient sails


Of masts

Blossomed within

Steam engines

Rusting on the back burner

Left to isolate

Rotted from the synergy

Now dead and decayed

Torn between and sewn so few

Dancing in the hex of you

In view


Keep the child

Separated //Imaginative

Oh! The heart is a chore

Oh! the heart’s crescendoed chords

Auto (correct) erotic asphyxiation

Cords entangled

In: sanity resumed

Exit: left and fame presumed

Hold me close

No luck//bone broke

Hole me near

No heaven//all fear

Without Air

I’m the one without

I’m the one above

Poison oak: a veil

Stalled in statured time

Midnight, Midnight

Death by drapery


Turning over stones

Shacks and shackled homes

Finding solitary ground

No stance

Losing ground from isolation

Last chance

Die from beneath

Of roots of trees

Of smoke of fumes

Of chimney sweeps

Coughing from the smoke

And smoking from the cough

Inhaled more than expected

Lack of patience exceeds

Lack of dignity reached

Lack of karma breached

Sanctuary burial ground: breeding, seeding, leaching


Untitled Qualm

The corpse


Bathed in bliss

Moon is rising

Like a cyst above the headlight

Quiet kiss

Unto the night I am reposed

Amidst the death of human bones

That chill beneath my rugged feet

I am not far from which I speak

Among the swirling, scattered sheets

That blanket all but what I need

And to a quiet, cold defeat i am:

The smoke that exits slow

The calm composure

Outer bones

A ghost, I am.


A Short Verse on Media Software

The blackest of blues and darkest of moons

The sun up above and ground under shoes

A lens caught a flare, a fire arose

An idea of sorts, in free verse or prose

Captured its essence of freedom in bloom

We started to gather how quick it resumed

A dash of internal and external fumes

And destined perceptions are long overdue

But then came a time when he lifted his toes

Perplexed by the notions of free verse and prose

To write unrequited on things such as those

And tackle the issues presented to boast

A thought can occur, a film it can capture

The weary of faces, and cause fot disaster

The beauty in nature, and struggle for man

The celebratory factors that question what can

Journals to keep, memoirs to glow

Thoughts can occur in the mind to and fro